How e-Mitra simplified application process for various examinations

My name is Aakash Suman and I was preparing for my RPSC examination. My exams were around the corner. It was the month of May and the scorching heat was almost breaking the records. Preparing for the exam is not as tough a task as filling the application form. Those long queues and hours of waiting – this thought was enough to pull me back but I had to go out for the application process.

Then one of my friends explained to me how e-Mitra can help me in filling an application form, submitting fees and downloading my admit card etc. It was, certainly, a relief.

I went to e-Mitra kiosk and asked the executive about the procedure. He explained every detail about it. I was so surprised and amazed at how our government is working towards e-Governance and how e-Mitra has simplified the application process for various examinations.

The e-Mitra kiosk owner gave me a chair and let me sit down there. I was closely observing each activity at the kiosk. The Government of Rajasthan is delivering almost 290+ services through e-Mitra.

I asked the owner about the services the Government is providing to students. As he explained, I was happily surprised that there are numerous services like exam application, admission, affiliation, fee submissions of various universities available. Also, one can fill application form/fee submission for various competitive exams such as RPET, RPMT, RMCAAT, CMAT, PTET, PIMMAT, ULET, RPSC, PSU recruitment etc.

Later, he added, “Not only does e-Mitra help students for application for exams, but also helps them to apply to the many scholarship schemes launched by the Government.”

A student can avail scholarships like for reserved category, meritorious category, tribal students research scholarship, and scooty distribution to tribal girls among others. Employment allowances also allow students to continue their further studies without worrying about the fee.

As I was going back to home, I was happy that I can share the information among my friends and family and can spread awareness. Smt Vasundhara Raje-led Rajasthan government is doing everything possible to deliver the best services to its citizens and excelling the growth of the State. Thank you, e-Mitra.


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