‘Suraaj’ through Rajasthan Sampark


Like every other ambitious young girl, I always wanted to pursue higher studies and to work in metro cities; at a very tender age, I left Rajasthan to fulfill this dream.

For many years while I was studying I stayed outside Rajasthan. I got a chance to study in different states and got a chance to experience the huge distance between citizens and the government. I carried the same impression about Rajasthan government but a recent experience changed my views about the working policies of the government of Rajasthan.

Starting early in the morning, I went for a jog with my younger sister. The park was nearby and we chose to walk. We must have walked for some 800 meters when I saw this huge pile of garbage. The smell was annoying and spoiling the fresh air of the morning. I couldn’t hold my annoyance and told my sister, “This will never change.”

She smiled at me, took her phone out and handed it over to me. I felt irritated and asked, “What to do with the cell phone, should I call the government for that?” She nodded her head in affirmation. My eyes were full of questions while moving ahead she started explaining things to me.

She said, “Yes Abhilasha Didi, it is easy to contact the government for your problems. The government of Rajasthan gives you the facility to register your complaint about any department through a cell phone”.

I was surprised because I lived in many states but never heard of such an easy way to communicate with the government. I asked, “How can one register a complaint through a cell phone?” She explained, “There is a grievance redressal portal called Rajasthan Sampark. At Rajasthan Sampark you can lodge your complaint through a web portal or Mobile App. I have downloaded the app and this is why I gave you phone, a solution right here in your palms.”

She continued, “Grievance related to any department, institutions or academics can be filed at Rajasthan Sampark like water, electricity, sewage, infrastructure, roads etc. You can fill in all the details related to your problems and submit the same on the app or web portal. It will generate a grievance ID, with the grievance ID one can see the status of the progress of their grievance redressal and take a follow-up of the same”.

“If you are not satisfied with the redressal, the government also gives you the facility to send your feedback, send a reminder and also to reopen the grievance if you are not satisfied with the redressal. Till now almost 9, 00,000 + cases have been addressed. “

I took her phone and followed the process; within the time-frame, the pile of garbage was cleaned. That morning I realized that if a government is determined towards good governance, they can make a huge difference. I felt really proud after realizing this fact that I am from the state which is remarkably moving ahead in the race of good governance.

Chief Minister Smt Vasundhara Raje is one visionary leader who is devotedly working towards “Suraaj” and e-Governance. Rapid and effective responses are the key objective of the government of Rajasthan.


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