e-Mitra Mobile App – The Government Services Are Easily Accessible Now


To avail government services is now easy through multiple Apps which are available for your smartphones. Establishing a strong digital interface between the government and the citizens, many services are accessible at Google Play Store.

A well-known common service centre (CSC) program of government’s e-Mitra is one of the interfaces which simplifies the complex government procedures and saves the time of revisiting various departments. These e-Mitra kiosks can be found near your home in every city, village and town.

As moving towards more digitalised establishments, now you can download the e-Mitra App on your mobile phone and can use around 290+ services at one place.

1                           2

Paying utility bills or applying for various examinations are few names out of 290+ services offered by e-Mitra.

Steps to download e-Mitra App:

  • Get android/iOS device and tap the main menu button.
  • Search for Google Play/App Store.
  • On the search box write e-Mitra and then hit the magnifier icon.
  • From all the options received, select the e-Mitra logo.
  • Now tap on the install button.

After installation:

  1. Register/Sign  Up or Log In through your SSO ID.
  2. Click on “Subscribe Service” to use the particular service of the respective department from the drop down menu.

3  4  5

3. Fill the required details and pay the bills.

4. Get the detailed information about the services and payment options on the FAQ’s tab.

5. One can pay for utility bills, mobile bills, various applications and can use other services of e-Mitra through the App.

6                           7


The government is committed to deliver efficient, transparent and effective e-governance to its citizens. Being actively accessible through Mobile App is one of the reasons for carrying out their objectives.

Through e-Mitra Mobile App the government is easily accessible now with limiting the physical presence to various department offices.




One thought on “e-Mitra Mobile App – The Government Services Are Easily Accessible Now

  1. Bhamashah yojana is the best planning to developing Nari-Shakti and helpful for #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao.
    thanks @VasundharaBJP


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