Benefits of Bhamashah Yojana


Bhamashah Yojana, a scheme designed primarily with the aim of betterment of the society and empowerment of women of the state. The scheme was conceived in 2008 with a clear motive of providing transparency in direct transfer of benefits to the beneficiary account.

Under Bhamashah Yojana, the bank account is in the name of the lady of the house. This supports the women to become the chief decision maker of her family. There are a lot of cash and non-cash benefits associated with the scheme, let’s have a look at some-

  1. Woman is the head of the family and is considered as the primary owner of the bank account under the scheme. An identity card is given and generated in her name as well as for other family members.
  2. For BPL Families, government provides an amount of Rs. 2000 in two installments in the bank account of the beneficiary or the women head of the corresponding BPL family. The second installment is dispatched after six months of the first installment.
  3. The women having Bhamashah Card can get Ration from Ration shops with the help of ePDS (Public Distribution System) and bio-metric system.
  4. The Transaction details will be sent to the beneficiary’s registered mobile number. All information regarding money withdrawal or benefit transfer will be immediately communicated to the concerned person via SMS.
  5. The BPL families having Bhamashah Card can get medical insurance ranging from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 3 lakh under Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana.
  6. The Bhamashah Yojana is, furthermore, integrated with Jan Dhan Yojna by Prime Minister and the benefits associated will also be available in Bhamashah Yojana.
  7. Additional Benefit of Rs. 100 per member will be given to the families having an Aadhaar card for each member.
  8. Some other Benefits can also be availed from various schemes linked with the Bhamashah Yojna like Pension, Scholarships, ePDS and MGNREGA.

The benefits given to BPL families and empowerment of women of Rajasthan are the core objectives of this scheme. In simple words, the Bhamashah Yojana is providing a strong and reliable foundation for women and BPL families.


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