Rajasthan Sampark App – Easy Way for redressal of Grievances


Government of Rajasthan has always been a step ahead in making the governance public centric. For serving towards the purpose, it has taken valuable steps to provide the public flawless service and ensure minimal grievances. One of these steps is the launch of “Rajasthan Sampark” project by the department of Information Technology and communications. The Project aims at a direct communication between the common man and the government officials if there are any grievances while receiving any of the government services or benefits or both.

Rajasthan Sampark serves as the platform to the public wherein any citizen can write his/her grievance to the concerned department. The project consists of a Call center with an integrated website portal in order to address various grievances and queries related to the Government of Rajasthan. Once the grievance is lodged, it is sent directly to the concerned department for redressal of the same.

Rajasthan Sampark App is another step towards the same goal wherein the citizens can install the App on their mobile phones and get in touch with the government departments to their will. The grievances can now be lodged through this app which makes it easier for the citizens of the state. Before the launch of the app, the citizens had to face issues like unavailability of computers in their regions, not getting their phones calls connected to the Stale level call centers etc. but now the app does it all for them.

Salient features of the App

  • Grievance can be lodged directly from the App by logging in the app from the mobile phone.
  • Once the grievance is lodged, the citizen can see the status of the grievance from the app itself.
  • If the citizen doesn’t get the response on the lodged grievance, he / she can send a reminder to the concerned department through the app.
  • Citizens also get the Feedback / Suggestion platform within the app wherein he/she can write the feedback about the solution provided on his/her grievance and can feel free to write any suggestions for the improvement of the services provided by the department.
  • All the information about the authentication of the App is provided within the App itself so that the citizen is sure that his/her grievance is heading towards the correct department and that the App is absolutely authenticated by Government of Rajasthan.
  • The citizen also gets an opportunity to download his/her grievance on the mobile phone for future reference.
  • If the citizen is not satisfied with the solution, he/she gets an opportunity to reopen the grievance using the grievance Id received at the time of lodging the grievance.

Installation of the App

Rajasthan Sampark app is available both on iOS and Android.

First let’s discuss about installing the App on an android device.

  • On the android device, Open Play Store by tapping the Apps icon in the bottom right of the home screen. Swipe left and right until you see the icon which says Play store.
  • Tap the Play store icon and if you are opening it for the first time, it will ask you to login with your Google account.
  • Once you login to the Google account using your Google credentials, it will take you to the Google Play screen where you can search for the apps.
  • In the search box, type “Rajasthan Sampark” and in the search results, tap Rajasthan Sampark app and tap on install. The App will be installed on your android Device.

The installation process is similar on the iOS with just the difference that once you open the App Store on any Apple device, it gives you the search tab where in you can type “Rajasthan Sampark” and tap on the search result which says “Rajasthan Sampark”. The App will be installed on the Apple device.

The following screenshots can give the users a better idea about how the app looks like.


With the launch of the project, the citizens have a platform where if they find the solution inappropriate, they can get the issues redressed by the government departments and receive a proper solution to their problems. 


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