e-Mitra- Citizen Friendly Corners – Understand G2C services

start-3e-Mitra is an e-Governance initiative of Government of Rajasthan for the simplifying life of the citizens of the state. The scheme aims to provide convenient and transparent services to the citizens under a single roof. e-Mitra had been launched as Common Service Centre (CSC) kiosks in rural and urban areas. These centres are run on Public Private Partnership model. Presently, there are 40,000+ e-Mitra centres across the state. e-Mitra is also available online via http://www.emitra.gov.in/ and e-Mitra app http://bit.ly/1R9pIhB.

e-Mitra is achieving new milestone every day. The scheme works on FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis with the objective of a time-bound deliverance of services.

The urban population is educated and gets to know about the government schemes and policies through media and other resources, however for the rural population, the government is taking necessary steps so that information related to schemes and policies reach them as well.

e-Mitra provides over 290+ services under two categories. These are G2C services (Government to Citizens) and B2C services (Business to Consumers). These terms are quite difficult to understand for a common man. Let’s understand what G2C services are and how many G2C services are working within the e-Mitra system.

What is G2C service?

G2C term can be described as a relationship between Government (G) and Citizens (C) or relationship between public administration and citizens. G2C services comprise of services which are rolled out by the Government for the betterment of citizens.

The major G2C services available at e-Mitra kiosks are certificates, demand/bill payments, application services, grievance redressal etc.

Departments like forest, police, DISCOM, JDA, finance, election, industries are to name a few which provides their services through e-Mitra.

The government always look for the right methods to facilitate the proposed schemes for the citizen and to be executed and implemented in an efficient manner.

e-Mitra is one example of the Government of Rajasthan that how we always stay one step ahead of rest of the nation.

Digital India program has shaped itself to make India technologically and digitally equipped. e-Mitra is also an extending branch to serve this object.

As we studied there are over 290+ services are available at e-Mitra kiosks from different departments so let’s understand the G2C Services available at e-Mitra centers through these images:

1  2

3  4








Since many of us are not well versed with the wide department e-Mitra covers, this can help to understand that just paying bills and filing forms is not all about e-Mitra.

It has extended arms with these commonly known facilities. These citizen friendly corners have a lot to offer and serve. In next blog, we will understand about the B2C services by e-Mitra.

Watch the Video- e-Mitra- 290+ services at your doorstep


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