e-Mitra- Bringing the change- Success Story

e-Mitra, a Common Service Centre (CSC) Scheme of the government, bringing a visible change in the urban as well as the rural scenario. We can experience so many success stories around us where e-Mitra is creating a huge impact.

e-Mitra is touching everyone’s life inevitably as it has touched Sushila Devi’s. Let’s read out how e-Mitra has eased her life.

“Sushila Devi, 61-years-old from district Bundi, lost her husband and son in an accident. She was the only person responsible for looking after her daughter-in-law and grandson. She is the eligible beneficiary of two social security schemes- Widow Pension and Senior Citizen Pension. There is no one in the family who could take care of the procedure for applying for these benefits so she took help of the e-Mitra executive. e-Mitra executive carried out all the formalities and now she can avail the benefits of the pension money. She uses this money for her and her family’s expenses. The two-way benefits of the government made her life easy. One is the social security scheme and other is e-Mitra which has brought her closer to avail the benefits provided by the government. Thus, e-Mitra has proved as a helping hand to her”.

The government of Rajasthan is dedicated towards the development of the program and makes it viable for the people of the state. The Scheme has a futuristic approach and unfolds complex layers of administration.

e-Mitra can be counted on the fingertips on the scale of popularity and awareness about the scheme in public. Very few schemes get the acknowledgment by the people so rapidly and effectively as e-Mitra has received. It is a great achievement of government.

We are pleased to have such an advanced and flourishing CSC as e-Mitra which is affecting our lives and making all the government services accessible to the citizens of the state.

These instances are self-explanatory to narrate the success tales of e-Mitra in our daily circles.


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