eMitra: Solution for all Utility Bill Payments and Recharges


Eagerly waiting for your turn to pay the utility bills in hot and humid weather on a miles-long queue is a tedious job. It’s awful when the queue adjacent to yours seems to move faster than yours. When you plan to switch to another queue, you realize it’s moving at snail’s pace and the one that you left has moved ahead. What comes on your mind- regretting your decision to change the queue or, paying the hefty bills or, choosing a wrong day to pay your bill? There can be number of thoughts striking you but not now, bid adieu to your worries as e-Mitra is ready to help you. e-Mitra essentially simplifies the complications and hassles of bill payment.

e-Mitra is the front-end delivery point for government and private services to the people of Rajasthan. The wide network of e-Mitra stretches across the state in all 33 districts to reach out the citizens of Rajasthan. It provides access to an array of services, backed with significant infrastructure. e-Mitra enables the citizens to pay multiple utility bills through different platforms like web, mobile, and kiosks.

Digital Empowerment by e-Mitra

e-Mitra has empowered the citizens digitally by delivering services on a click. One can pay bills online through Netbanking/Credit Card/Debit Card for various utility services. Delivering services closer to home has reduced footfall in government offices. The e-Mitra app and portal allows the residents to validate the status of application/service receipt issued against any service by an e-Mitra kiosk across the State.

Pay Bills Through Mobile Wallet

Providing the citizens a techno friendly platform empowers the citizen to easily pay utility bills and recharge online in a secure and convenient manner. Most of the youngsters in a family are using this app for varied purpose. e-Mitra mobile wallet enables the residents of Rajasthan to pay for various services like mobile recharge, utility bill payments, fees submission, etc.

Myths Related to e-Mitra

  • e-Mitra is for Rurals: e-Mitra is an ambitious project of Government of Rajasthan, launched in 2002, to benefit the citizens of the State. This integrated project facilitates the urban and rural masses with maximum possible services related to the different state government departments.  Kiosks are service centres in form of small enterprise from where the citizens can avail the services of different departments.
  • e-Mitra Charges Extra Fees: There is a misconception about the guy sitting on the e-Mitra counter, he charges extra fees on the name of internet or, one needs to pay additionally on the last date of bill payment which is all erroneous. The person on the counter of e-Mitra never charges extra fees for anything and in case he does one can lodge complaint against him. Moreover, a citizen needs to pay the same amount of utility bill on the first day of payment as on the last day.

  • Computerized Receipt: One often thinks that they won’t get a receipt for availing services from e-Mitra centres. However, the fact is that the person on the e-Mitra counter gives a computerized receipt which is generated by the system for using a particular service.

Utility Bill Payments and Recharges through e-Mitra

A one-stop, citizen friendly computerized service delivery centre to provide a wide range of citizen-friendly services under one roof so that citizens do not have to run around various departments.

♦ DISCOM: Electricity is an essential element in everyday life. Bill submission after deadline is like living in dark den. But with e-Mitra it’s very easy for the consumers to pay their bill on time.

♦ Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED): One can’t imagine life without water and paying water bill on time is a prerequisite. e-Mitra has empowered the users to pay the bills online or, at the nearest kiosk.

♦ Mobile/Landline Postpaid Bill: Citizens can access the seamless mobile services by paying their bills of BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, MTS in the nearest e-Mitra centre.

♦ Mobile Recharge: Telecom service providers like BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, TATA, etc. enables customers to recharge their mobile on real time with e-Mitra.

♦ DTH: e-Mitra delivers end-to-end services on DTH recharges of Tata Sky, Big TV, Dish TV, Aksh IPTV, etc. which has helped a lot of subscribers.

Financial and Digital Inclusion by e-Mitra

The financial and digital inclusion enables one and all to pay their utility bills anytime from anywhere. By establishing a robust network of e-Mitra within the State, it provides access to people at distant ends. This not only saves time and money but also reduces the cost of travel and is very convenient.


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