e-Mitra- Bringing The Change- Success Story- 2

e-Mitra is a platform launched by the government of Rajasthan for enhancing e-Governance program and to cater quick, easy, convenient and timely deliverance of services and entitlements. e-Mitra has been launched in 2004 and every year the government is achieving new milestones.

Every day, we experience many success stories across the state. The urban and rural population are being equally benefitted with the e-Mitra services. For rural population, it is the more viable scheme as they need an access to such services more due to unavailability of information and awareness about the particular benefits.

Kishan Lal, 71-years-old from Jhunjhunu district, talks about how e-Mitra is being a boon to his life. He says, “Being senior citizen it was difficult to visit offices and post offices regularly for my old age pension. Sometimes it used to take 2 months to receive my monthly pension which used to make me penniless. Now since my pension has been linked to my Bhamashah Card, I can withdraw my pension from any e-Mitra Pay Points. I just swipe my Rupay Card and enter authentication PIN and within seconds I can get my cash benefits. e-Mitra centres have become mini banks for us. Now life is much easier”.


There are many more examples around us which can tell the positive outcomes of e-Mitra. Although many milestones have been achieved yet a long way to go until every single citizen will get the access of these benefits without any complexities and the government is working with a conviction of attaining the foreseen objectives.

As Kishan Lal Ji has found the comfort in his life through e-Mitra, there are many waiting to get benefitted. There are many who are still unaware of how e-Mitra functions for the betterment of the citizens. The government is striving to spread the awareness and access of these services to the distant and untouched part of the villages.


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