Rajasthan Tourism Unit Policy


Rajasthan Tourism Unit Policy was revamped in year 2015 with an endeavor of attracting increased number of tourist and making it easier to set up tourist related projects. With this policy it is now effortless to build new hotels, motels and resorts by means of easily available incentives and land.

The State Government is keenly favoring the setting up of new hotels and resorts. The main focus of this policy is the finest utilization of the affluent and rich tourism resources of the state. Let’s see a few feature of the Tourism Unit Policy. http://bit.ly/2kw2O69

  1. The policy includes Free Conversion of land for new Tourism units in both Rural and Urban areas. Also, new tourism units in urban areas do not have to pay any development charges.
  2. No Conversion charges are levied on already existing Heritage Hotels and other properties in both urban and rural areas.
  3. As per the policy the time period for land conversion is fixed and if the decision is not taken in designated time limit by authorities than the land will be considered as deemed converted.
  4. Double Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is permitted to Tourism units ( General FAR 2.25 to 4.50)
  5. Urban development tax on the covered area for Heritage Hotels is charged at Residential Rates and UD tax is not levied on open area.
  6. For Heritage hotels,  Basic Services for Urban Poor (BSUP) charges are imposed only on covered area.
  7. There is no limit concerning the road width for Heritage hotel’s approval in Urban and Rural areas.
  8. Heritage Hotels are allowed to convert only 10% or 1000 sq. metre of plinth area intended for commercial use.
  9. Time limit for Approval of building plan by concerned departments is preset.
  10. Annual lease sum is levied at institutional rates for urban area’s Tourism units.
  11. Till April 2018, 50% refund is given on Special Road Tax for Luxury coaches.
  12. Heritage Hotels and Tourism units will get Fiscal benefits as stated in Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme, 2014.

Explore the glorious heritage, colorful living traditions and vibrant culture of Rajasthan.

Read more about the Rajasthan Tourism Unit Policy- http://tourism.rajasthan.gov.in/assets/pdf/rajasthan-tourism-unit-policy-2015.pdf


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