The Hackathon Is On – “Not To Miss” Sessions – Rajasthan IT Hackathon 2017

‘Rajasthan IT Hackathon 2017’ is splashed all over social media and you must be seeing posts/videos/promotions related to the same. Did you google about what Rajasthan IT Hackathon is all about?If not, then here are wordy glimpses of ‘happenings’ in Hackathon.

The Rajasthan IT Hackathon 2017 is a series of remunerative and rewarding experience for not only the participants but for all. Since the event is just around the corner, the excitement is increasing amongst youth, entrepreneurs and startups businesses.

“The Hackathon Is On” and here is the list of  “not to miss” sessions. These sessions will be taken by the experts from various sectors who will share their insights and lessons learned in building a successful business.

1)     Session – 1

Government as a change-agent in driving progress: The very first session of Hackathon will give you the insight about the Government’s initiatives and how the  government brings reforms through technological advancement and development.

You should be here!

2)     Session – 2

Professional and entrepreneurial opportunities in IT: It’s a new era of entrepreneurship. This session will be high-learning few minutes for you about what IT is serving you on the table of professional and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Opportunities seldom knock twice!

3)     Session – 3

Transforming businesses through IT – How can the youth leverage opportunities for professional growth As the name explaining itself, IT is playing a vital role in transforming the face of business world. So what all you can opt to give an alpine boost to your professional growth is all about this session.

Don’t miss it- It can be a Cash Cow for you.

4)     Session – 4

Every Indian’s Moonshot: This will be an encouraging session and talk-show that how with one extraordinary dream, a team can bring path-breaking solutions and can address challenges humans are facing.

Don’t miss and regret!

5)     Panel discussion

Dhanda  2.0: There are few sessions which can change entire perception about one phenomenon and it is one of them. “Dhandha 2.0” would stress about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in your business. So earn from the experiences of successful professionals in Panel Discussion.

Best things in Life are free!

One place, thousands of gathering, ample ideas, plenty of opportunities, enormous knowledge exchange sessions and meetings, Yes! You can have it all under one roof.

Come and Join the Sessions/Panel Discussion in Rajasthan IT Hackathon 2017 and get a flare of IT and Professional ken.

Stop By at Birla Auditorium, Jaipur


20-21 March, 2017


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