Myths and Facts About e-Mitra

Myth-and-Fact-(1200X600)With the viable reach across the 33 districts of Rajasthan, e-Mitra is delivering its objective as common service centre (CSC) by providing various services to the citizens of the state.

e-Mitra kiosks are establishing a liaison between the government and citizens.

e-Mitra caters services like bill payments, banking services, application for driving license, and digital bonafide etc. e-Mitra provides these services across the state from urban to rural citizens.

There are 290+ services e-Mitra offers through 40,000+ kiosks across the state which makes it the largest service delivery network. Despite offering so many services across the state, still there are many myths prevailing about e-Mitra.

Let’s read about the Myths and Facts about e-Mitra and its services.


1) Blog-Post-13-(1200X600)

Myth- One can only make Bill Payments at e-Mitra

Fact- This is one of the major myths about e-Mitra. e-Mitra provides more than 290+ services and bill payment is just one of them.

2) Blog-Post-10-(1200X600)

Myth- Only rural population is the beneficiary of e-Mitra.

Fact- No. Although e-Mitra had been launched to bridge the gap between rural and urban population by providing services to the distant parts of the state but it is equally available for the urban population.

3) Blog-Post-12-(1200X600)

Myth- e-Mitra only provides government services.

Fact- This is a very common myth since e-Mitra is a government platform, it leads to the misunderstanding of providing government services. On the contrary, it provides various non-government services like mobile recharges, DTH recharges etc.

4) Blog-Post-14-(1200X600)

Myth- e-Mitra kiosks are situated in villages only.

Fact- e-Mitra kiosks are situated in cities, towns and villages. Since the availability of government services to the rural citizens are limited so the government has established 60% of kiosks in villages to cater their services till the last corner of state but these e-Mitra kiosks are providing their services in cities too.

5) Blog-Post-11(1200X600)

Myth- e-Mitra does not charge for providing service.

Fact- Many of us think that e-Mitra works without taking any fee but e-Mitra charges a minimal fee for the services provided. For each service, there is a fixed amount that one needs to pay, to ensure that every e-Mitra kiosk has a rate-list of all the services offered.

There are many widespread myths about e-Mitra but most of them are just myths. e-Mitra is providing various services to bring ease in the life of the citizens. Every citizen should understand the real facts about this scheme through the provided information.

Do you have any queries or myths about the scheme? Please write in the comment box.         



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