5 Myths and Facts about Rajasthan Sampark

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With the aim of making Rajasthan Digital-Sthan of India, Government of Rajasthan has been taking a lot of fruitful steps to reach out to the citizens of the state and provide them with a pathway to reach the government directly too. For that, the government has come up with another scheme so as to provide citizens with a way in which they can let the government know about various grievances that they face related to various issues.

The name of this scheme is “Rajasthan Sampark” which works towards resolving any and every grievance that the common man faces in their day to day life.

But, there are a few myths which have got associated with “Rajasthan Sampark” scheme while the facts are quite different.

1. The first myth among the state citizens regarding the portal is that Citizens can only lodge grievances regarding their daily requirements like electricity, water, roads etc. while the fact is that grievances against many departments associated with the Government of Rajasthan can be lodged on the portal.

2. Another myth regarding the portal is that the complaints can be lodged only at the Rajasthan Sampark centers while the fact is the citizens can lodge the complaint via online portal, call centers, mobile app or by visiting the Rajasthan Sampark Center.

3. It is thought that for lodging a grievance, one has to be the citizen of Rajasthan while it is widespread by the government itself that even if a person is not a permanent resident of Rajasthan, he/ she can register a complaint through Rajasthan Sampark related to the state.

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4. Another widespread myth regarding Rajasthan Sampark is that there is a fee for lodging complaints via Rajasthan Sampark. The fact is that it is absolutely free to utilize the services of Rajasthan Sampark and there is no fee that citizens need to pay for lodging their grievances.

5. Any individual can file a complaint at once is one of the common myth about Rajasthan Sampark, on the other hand, any individual can file as many complaints as he/she wants to get them resolved and if needs government’s intervention.

Earlier the citizens were not able to reach out the government to address their grievances but with the introduction of Rajasthan Sampark, a centralized platform for grievance redressal has been provided to the citizens of Rajasthan so that they can lodge their complaints and can receive a resolution to the same directly from the government. The scheme has been implemented in all 33 districts of Rajasthan.


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