e-Mitra – Making Rajasthan a Digital-Sthan

unnamed (4)The Government of Rajasthan’s prime motive is e-Governance which brought forward the idea of e-Mitra – an integrated platform for the convenience of the citizens of Rajasthan. Earlier, the citizens had to visit various government offices to avail the various government services.

The launch of e-Mitra kiosks in all 33 districts of Rajasthan resolved this issue for the citizens and it has now become very easy for them to utilize the government services by going to these kiosks rather than into government offices.

e-Mitra is a transforming step taken by the government of Rajasthan which uses the PPP model for convenience and transparency with the citizens at one common place using e-platform. e-Mitra kiosks are present in both rural and urban areas of the state and the citizens can avail the services by visiting these kiosks or via online by logging on to www.emitra.gov.in and through e-Mitra Mobile App as well.

On the occasion of Rajasthan IT Day (March 21st.2017), Honourable Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje has stated that she is preparing to make Rajasthan Digital-Sthan of India and with the introduction of such wise and innovative project, her preparation can be well-seen.

e-Mitra project came into existence in year 2004 and at that time it was functioning through a Client – Server based application software. In 2010, this old model was replaced by Web-based online e-Mitra application in all 33 districts. Recently, a latest generic module is added to the web portal which enables end – to – end application and delivery of digitally signed Certificates like Caste, Domicile, Bonafide, Income etc.

Presently, over 15,000 e-Mitra kiosks are in operation in the urban areas and more than 25,000 kiosks are available in rural areas, in total more than 40,000 kiosks across the state. These kiosks are also responsible to provide banking services to the state citizens.

Over 290 services of various government/non-government departments are being offered via e-Mitra kiosks to the citizens and more services are in process to be delivered via these kiosks.

Looking at the quick progress of the e-Mitra project, it is affirmative that Government of Rajasthan is completely focused on making Rajasthan a digital hub of the country. Huge amount of success is already achieved by the project and for sure, a lot more benefits are in the pipeline to be delivered to the general public via steps like this.


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