e-Mitra – Various Services Under One Umbrella

unnamed (11)In 2004, Rajasthan Government came up with an idea of providing government services to the state residents at their doorstep. This revolutionary idea was e-Mitra, a service delivery platform) which can cater more than 290+ services under one umbrella. The prime focus of this scheme was to establish e-Governance in the state so that the citizens doesn’t have to visit the government offices again and again for availing the various government services.

The project got successful in its initial days and with time, it has now become the most reliable tool (platform) for the government in order to make sure that the services are reaching to every citizen of Rajasthan.

Initially, e-Mitra was functional through a client – server based application but with the addition of the number of services to be offered to the citizens via e-Mitra, the project was migrated to a web-based online e-Mitra application for unhindered service provision.

e-Mitra offers numerous government services to the citizens wherein the citizens just have to visit the e-Mitra kiosk and avail them under the same roof. Some of the major services offered by e-Mitra are:

unnamed (9)

Not just with kiosks, e-Mitra offers its services through online portal and mobile app also. By providing so much ease, Government of Rajasthan has surely been able to win the citizens’ heart time and again, and the expectation is that in forthcoming years, the level of convenience for the common man will surely reach the next level.


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