Rajasthan – On Its Way To Become A Promising IT Hub of India

Rajasthan  IT/ITes Policy 

IT Policy 1

Rajasthan has evolved as one of the leading state where robust system of e-Governance is delivering enormous services to the citizens. The necessity of IT enablement in the departments has brought the unified and integrated service delivery mechanism beforehand through various web services. With the introduction of e-initiatives in the state, now the state is witnessing effective, efficient, accessible and transparent governance. A key to growth.

Rajasthan has already enabled its departments with IT through various APIs/web services as a part of e-initiatives in the state. The IT/ITeS policy of the government is one leaping step towards making Rajasthan a promising IT hub of India. IT policy and Startup policy is altogether paving a strong path to making the state a favourable and desirable option for investors and IT professionals.

Mission of IT/ITeS Policy:

The government of Rajasthan is focusing on establishing complete participatory and transparent open governance and citizen centric IT and e-Governance for the residents of the state.

To branding Rajasthan on the IT Landscape, the government is emphasizing on few points:

IT Policy 2

Objective of IT/ITeS Policy: Objective of IT/ITeS Policy has covered a wide IT spectrum of the state. These are:

IT Policy 3

IT Policy 4 

To develop IT/ITeS Industry, the Government of Rajasthan is providing various benefits and exemptions to the industries. They are:

1) Up to 100% VAT benefit

2) Customised package of benefits to enterprises

3) IT/ITeS, electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) and robotics declared as priority sectors

4) Subsidy on bandwidth for connectivity

5) Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund/SME Tech Fund RVCF II

6) Exemption from zoning regulations and land conversion

7) Interest subsidy

8) Reimbursement on patent filing costs and quality certifications

9) Outstanding performance awards

10) Manpower development subsidy

There are other general exemptions and incentives provided by the government for the growth of IT sector in the state.  

Rajasthan with its e-Governance framework is evolving as a budding and promising IT hub of India. These IT initiatives are making Rajasthan, foremost choice for the investors and IT professionals. In the contemporary world economy, India is the second-largest exporter of IT.

With IT/ITeS policy 2015, the Government of Rajasthan is stressing over the same objective of touching new dimensions in Information Technology every day.




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