Rajasthan – Set For An Entrepreneurial Rise With Startup Policy

entrepreneur 1Rajasthan has been the fountainhead for various entrepreneurs and industrialists. It has given various big business houses and industries to the world economy. Keeping this in mind, the Government of Rajasthan is trying to reap the results of this inherent prowess of the State.

With the vision of strengthening up the startup ecosystem, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has introduced Start-up policy for emerging startup ventures.

The objective of this Start-up policy is to lead a change by shifting working youth from service industry wherein they are inclined due to various constraints in setting up a new startup & cultivate them in their own ventures. Just to minimize these holdbacks and obstacles, the Government of Rajasthan has come up with a Startup policy, which only a few states have come up with.

The Rajasthan Start-up policy is an outcome of the demand of “ease of doing business” for new start-up ventures. The Government of Rajasthan is focusing on to work with these Start-ups instead of just incubating them. To provide a sustainable start and growth, the Startup policy is working as a catalyst.

Startup Policy at Glance:

Rajasthan will be the new inspiration for the Startups in India and the world with this coming Start-up policy wherein IT sector would become the major player.  

This stellar policy offers:

start up 4

Every Startup needs a robust start with a continual assistance throughout its evolution. To make them sustain and competent, the Government is also providing various benefits to these newborn. These are:




A large stratum of youth is seeking possibilities and opportunities in the Start-ups and the Government of Rajasthan is taking their dream to the next level by encouraging Start-ups extensively. Rajasthan is experiencing a new entrepreneurial rise with the launch of startup policy. Also, the government is stressing over the IT boost in the state to make it next IT Hub of India. Let the state be an example for the rest of the country with the emerging startup wave.



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