Abhay Command Centre – Emphasizing Safer Rajasthan


A secure and protective environment is one of the essential factors of good governance. Taking forward this thought of making Jaipur a smart city and ensuring Safe Rajasthan, Rajasthan Police department with the association of Department of Information Technology and Communication launched Abhay Command Centre in order to provide additional security to the state residents. The project was inaugurated by Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje on March 2017. Abhay Command Center aims at achieving the goal of Smart Policing and eradicating the terror of crime from the citizens’ minds.

Smt. Raje, at the inauguration ceremony of Abhay Command Centre had announced that by all the district divisional headquarters of the state will have such command and control centers soon.

The project is a unique integration of Information Technology with brave policing which is certainly going to help the government to implement fair governance in the state.

At the Abhay Command Center which is present at Jaipur Commissionerate headquarters, the city police have been able to perform multiple functions at the same time. These functions include:


There are other facts related to Abhay Command Centre which are not commonly known to general public. Here’s a look at the facts associated with it –


With the objective of integrating smart Policing in Rajasthan, Government of Rajasthan has been successful in establishing a high-tech Policing Center in the state capital. ABHAY command center looks like a promising and advanced platform from Rajasthan Police Departments’. The department also assures that the crime rate in Rajasthan will certainly reduce to quite an extent once the project becomes fully functional across the state.


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