Raj eSign & Raj eVault – Revolutionizing Rajasthan

e-Vault 3The government of Rajasthan has constantly been trying to revolutionize Rajasthan and develop it into Digi-Sthan of India. In the process, the government has taken several unique and bold steps in order to reduce paperwork and lengthy processes as much as possible. Working in the direction, Government has launched Raj eVault and Raj eSign which are taking Rajasthan to the next level of digitalization.  Here’s is a quick brief of the project:

e-Vault 4

Raj eVault

Digital Document Manager, Raj e-Vault, introduced by Government of Rajasthan has brought a sigh of relief to millions of citizens of Rajasthan. Raj e-Vault is a portal dedicated to providing digital verification platform for official certificates and documents.

Raj e-Vault provides a platform to everyone wherein anyone can upload all type of documents like driver’s license, graduation mark sheets, etc. The documents once uploaded can be accessed from anywhere, all one needs to do is to log in to the eVault account. Anyone with a valid Aadhaar Card can sign up on Raj e-Vault.

Another important feature offered by the eVault portal is that the documents can be e-signed. The portal has become the most convenient way for anyone to verify their own documents digitally.

Raj eVault aims at developing Rajasthan into a paperless state in the forthcoming years.

Major benefits of Raj eVault can be listed as:

e-Vault 5

Raj eSign

As the name suggests, Raj eSign is an online service which facilitates the users to use electronic/digital signature on their digital documents. The user should have a valid UID (Aadhaar Number) in order to utilize this eSign service. The document can then be electronically signed and authorized by the government authorities. eSign is a convenient way for the users in the sense that there is no need of physical cryptographic token. The signers are authenticated via their Aadhaar and Bhamashah IDs. eSign is one of the major e-initiatives by the government of Rajasthan as it brings ease in the complex processes included lengthy paperwork. One can access their digital signature anytime through Raj eSign

Features of Raj eSign are listed below:

e-Vault 2

The two projects have definitely brought a revolution in making Rajasthan a digital hub of the country. Contributing towards making policies and tasks paperless, efficient and transparent.



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