Rajasthan Sampark – New Dimension In e-Governance

An Infographic Representation Of Rajasthan Sampark


Rajasthan Sampark is an e-initiative project by the Government of Rajasthan for bringing ease and convenience to the life of the citizens. Through Rajasthan Sampark, State is witnessing new dimensions in e-Governance.  It is an integrated platform for grievance redressal which consists various modes of grievance registration.
These modes are Citizen Contact Centres, Rajasthan Sampark Centres, Web Portal and Mobile App.  
This project is implemented in all the government departments of the state. The project aims to cater not only citizens but the department users as well. Rajasthan Sampark ensures the objective of good governance.   
Need of Rajasthan Sampark: What is the need of Rajasthan Sampark can be understood by following points:



What are the Key Benefits?
Rajasthan Sampark caters various key benefits to the citizens and as well as the department users.


Workflow of Rajasthan Sampark: Rajasthan Sampark works on different levels for grievance redressal. They are:


Infrastructure Levels of Rajasthan Sampark:
In case of dissatisfactory redressal at one level, one can escalate the grievance to another level at Rajasthan Sampark.


The Government of Rajasthan with Department of Information Technology and Communication is going forward with over 12 Lacs + disposed cases. Lodging any complaint and getting a solution is now more convenient through Rajasthan Sampark. The state is witnessing new dimensions in good governance and e-governance.

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