e-Mitra : A Leap Towards Digital India

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Rewind the clock a couple of decades back and most of the digital sensation would be absent from the scene. It’s the last 15-20 years which witnessed a major technological outburst that has changed the look and feel of our day to day life. With every passing day, our dependency and relationship with technology only deepen its roots. India has by far been on the front seat of this digitalization wagon. But, the major challenge that India faced and still somewhat faces is to ensure that the internet penetration is not restricted to a particular layer of society, but reaches the grassroots level.

To ensure the same, Rajasthan government started e-Mitra which utilizes modern technology for effective service delivery to the state population.

“The Rajasthan Government has made sure that advantage of Information Technology reaches the grassroots level”

The Government of Rajasthan incepted e-Mitra in the year 2004 with one single aim – Convenient delivery of citizen services. Today, e-Mitra has developed into India’s biggest one stop solution providing more than 290 services to the state population. e-Mitra provides a wide range of government and various non-government services in the most user-friendly manner. People can avail a large number of services all stacked up under one roof. The e-Mitra portal has simplified people’s lives by providing a timely delivery of services.  Here are a few pointers highlighting the attributes of e-Mitra that make it India’s most efficient service delivery platform:

Easy Access:

e-Mitra is very easily accessible (both online and offline) adding to the convenience factor of the users. One can login to the e-Mitra portal, download the iPhone app & Android app, or walk into an e-Mitra kiosk/Center. This allows the users to easily avail the services through their most convenient access mode.

A huge umbrella of services:


As stated earlier, e-Mitra gives you a platform to avail 290+ services. Bill payment, fee deposition, various certificates (birth, marriage, death, etc), application services for recruitments & admissions in educational institutes, grievance redressal, Insurance payment, ticket booking, recharge, etc. are some of the most popular services.

A variety of payment modes:

For any service that you avail through e-Mitra, there are a number of payment options available for you. You can pay using your debit card, credit card, net banking or even an e-wallet. These options only add to the delight of the consumers which surely love the idea of these payment options.

Saves the manual effort & time:

This is one of the major highlights of this groundbreaking citizen service portal. Citizens no longer need to travel to the respective offices and departments. They no longer even need to wait in long queues to avail these services. e-Mitra has brought these services to their doorstep, saving their time and efforts.

These benefits certainly add matter to the statement that e-Mitra has totally changed the outlook of citizen services delivery. There are 40,000+ e-Mitra kiosks in the state and more than 20 crores e-Mitra transactions have been done so far.

Through e-Mitra, Rajasthan Government has initiated an innovative and inspiring service which has helped the technology to craft its way till the grassroots level.


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