e-Mitra+ : A New and Transformed Face of Service Delivery


Ensuring effective and efficient service delivery, the Government of Rajasthan has initiated one of the most successful CSC programs of the country “e-Mitra” which has been successfully running 48,000+ e-Mitra kiosks across the 33 districts with serving over 350 services of various departments. e-Mitra has been the face of Digital Rajasthan from its very outset. It is serving 6.86 crore residents of the state every day with a robust service delivery mechanism.

Taking a leap towards the “Digi-Sthan”, the Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje has foreseen the “Future of Rajasthan” as a digital leader of the country. At one of the biggest IT and Startup Fests of the country “Rajasthan Digifest”, she unveiled India’s first ever automated kiosk “e-Mitra+”, which offers 350 government and private services.

The government has transformed the face of e-Mitra as e-Mitra+ with the use of high-end technology. Rajasthan has out broken the technological revolution with the introduction of revolutionary e-Mitra+.

Innovative Features of e-Mitra+

1)    Interactive e-Mitra Kiosk – e-Mitra+ is a next-generation self-service interactive kiosk with 17’’ high-definition touch screen that displays Digital Signages to guide you through the process.

2)    Various services under one umbrella – e-Mitra+ has access to various services on a single click.  One can avail these 350 services through e-Mitra+ kiosks with using the monochrome keypad and high-definition touchscreen monitor. This one-stop service delivery touchscreen kiosk is fully automated with no manual intervention required.

3)    Automated Service Kiosks – Also, e-Mitra+ is the first of its kind where you can get the printed certificate on the government stationary through these e-Mitra kiosks, making the state as technologically and digitally empowered state.

4)    Connect with the Government Officials – Through its state-of-the-art technology, it provides the access to live sessions with the government officials.

5)    Easy Payment Options – These kiosks are enabled with multiple payment options where you can not only use debit/credit cards/biometric payments but can use cash as well. Making e-Mitra+ kiosk as one of the most technologically advanced devices which allows all modes of payments and brings ease to the lives of the residents.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje envisions making every resident digitally empowered and literate through the introduction of the e-Mitra+ kiosk. This next-gen technology also ensures the furnishing of the government services and benefits till the last man of the society. It is a new and transformed face of service delivery. Together we can build a new and developed Rajasthan is the single objective of the government and e-Mitra+ will prove as the new technological rise of the state.



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