Annapurna Bhandar Yojana: Changing lives of millions

Bringing a revolution in the Public Distribution System of Rajasthan, Annapurna Bhandar Yojana has proved itself to be one of the most successful initiatives of state government in the recent years. The concept was inspired by a small store at Tamatia village in Dungarpur district and in just three years, Annapurna Yojana has gained huge popularity and has set a landmark in the field of PDS.


Annapurna Bhandars, also known as ‘Rural Malls’ ensure that every resident of the state gets access to branded products of daily requirement. More than 6000 Annapurna Bhandars are successfully being operated in the entire state offering more than 350 multi-brand products of daily use at competitive prices.

Along with meeting the basic needs of the residents, Annapurna Bhandars have also provided them employment opportunities on a large scale. The scheme aims at converting more than 28000 Ration Dealers into entrepreneurs.

Annapurna Rasoi Yojana


With an objective to provide hygienic food to the needy beneficiaries of the state, mobile kitchens, known as Annapurna Rasois, were introduced by the Government of Rajasthan. These mobile vans offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at unbelievably low prices thus providing a balanced diet and financial aid to the poor. After the tremendous success of its first phase, the second phase of ‘Annapurna Rasoi Yojana’ was launched recently with an aim to provide hot, clean and hygienic food in all 33 districts of the state through 500 Annapurna Vans.

To maintain the quality of food served at these mobile kitchens, ‘Annapurna vans’ are transformed into ‘Smart Annapurna Vans’. These are now equipped with GPS facility to track their real-time location and also it provides the facility for beneficiaries to give their feedback on food quality through video conferencing.

In three years, Annapurna Bhandar Yojana has gained the trust of millions and achieved path-breaking milestones.  The government is confident that the scheme will reach every corner of the state and benefit till the last mile in the coming years.


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