Raj e-Vault: Single Point Document Manager


An overview:

Before the launch of Raj e-Vault, there was tedious paperwork at various departments of the government and there was a constant need of keeping physical documents with oneself. Along with this, there was lack of authentication of documents and inefficient IT infrastructure in the state.

With this, the state implemented a detailed planning exercise under joint ownership of Department of IT&C and departmental officials to evaluate the need and benefit analysis of the project- Raj e-Vault. This analysis was done with the external expert opinion of national and international level consultants as well. In addition, all activities related to the project went through an end-to-end Government Process Reengineering exercise. The implementation was done in mission mode, and within 8 months of conceptualization, the entire project was live. In addition, to ensure legal sanctity to the scheme, orders and notifications are issued at the level of Hon’ble Chief Minister/Chief Secretary, and regular IEC and skill building in the domain is done – for ensuring best in class implementation.

  • Regular updating/upgrading is also done.
  • Complete compliance is kept for UI/UX/Security features and related national and international guidelines.

Raj e-Vault- the ‘Digital Document Manager’ came into providing a platform to everyone wherein anyone can upload all type of official documents. Like, driver’s license, graduation mark sheets, etc. It is a secure and authorized e-Space with electronic self-attestation and e-Verification. The documents once uploaded can be accessed from anywhere. One just needs to login to the e-Vault account and you are good to go. Anyone with a valid Aadhar Card can sign up on Raj e-Vault. It is thus a secure and easy access to the documents

Another important feature offered by the portal is that the documents can be e-signed. This way, Raj e-Vault has become the most convenient way for anyone to verify their own documents digitally.

Innovative aspects of Raj e-Vault:

  • Safe document storage, sharing, e-Sign and approval protocol to avoid requirement of seeking copies of documents
  • Convenient authentication of documents
  • Digital Document Manager
  • Every citizen of the state can use e-Vault and can access it anytime, anywhere. Citizen with Aadhaar Card can sign up for this service
  • Mobile App for handy usage of service

Benefits of the Raj e-Vault:

  • Registered users can access their documents anytime and anywhere, you just need an internet connection
  • Raj e-Vault eliminates all the tedious government paperwork related to documents
  • It becomes very easy with help of Raj e-Vault to authenticate your documents
  • Uploaded documents can be effortlessly electronically signed using e-Sign
  • Encouraging paperless processing 

In the forthcoming years, Raj e-Vault aims at developing Rajasthan into a paperless state.


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