Avail all services simply with a click @ e-Mitra+


Committed to ensure effective and efficient service delivery, Government of Rajasthan introduced a revolutionary platform, e-Mitra which provides access to all citizen services till the last mile. E-Mitra centres provide numerous government and private services under a single roof. Having launched more than 51000 e-mitra centres in all 33 districts of the state, Rajasthan Government has ensured real-time access of all services at your doorstep.

State Government’s quest to make Rajasthan the torch bearer of the “Digital India Mission’’, they are now introducing the next-generation of e-Mitra – “e-Mitra Plus”. It is a cutting-edge computerised kiosk that offers easy access to more than 400 Government and Private Services. Technological advancements in e-governance have made unhindered service delivery possible for every citizen of the state through E-Mitra+ kiosks. This one stop service delivery touchscreen kiosk is fully automated with no manual intervention required.


Innovative Features of e-Mitra+

  • Avail Multiple Services

These citizen-friendly kiosks offer a single window access to more than 30+ government and non-government services.

  • Perform Video Conferencing

Adhering to Rajasthan’s good governance mission “Suraaj”, e-Mitra+ kiosks facilitates Video Conferencing that ensure connectivity to more than 40,000 locations in the state.

  • Make Payments

These innovative kiosks offer the facility  to make cash, debit/credit cards and biometric payments. Ensuring you solve all your banking needs at one location.

  • Access to Live Sessions:

Through its state-of-the-art technology, you can access or perform live sessions with government officials, record your grievances or give feedback on state projects.

  • Print Documents:

The automated kiosk prints all required documents on government stationary in real-time basis. Ensuring you receives your collectables then and there.

  • Self-service interactive kiosk:

E-Mitra+ is a next-generation self service interactive kiosk with 17’’ high-definition touch screen that displays Digital Signages to guide you through the process.

Being the first in CSC, e-Mitra had achieved the milestones and won hearts of the citizens, but the journey doesn’t stop here. As CM stated “Rajasthan is not going ahead, Rajasthan is going to stay ahead”, the launch of e-Mitra+ defines it completely. e-Mitra is serving over 400 services through more than 51,000 e-Mitra kiosks successfully across the 33 districts, but beating the position one, the state itself has gone one more step ahead. e-Mitra+ is a next-generation self-service interactive kiosk with 17’’ high-definition touch screen that displays Digital Signages to guide you through the process.

With the launch of new e-Mitra+ at Rajasthan Digifest, Udaipur, the state has taken one more technological turn towards the digitalization. A new e-Mitra kiosk booths are enabled with all 400+ services with touch-screen display


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