CM Helpline 181 – A New Era of Grievance Resolution


Government of Rajasthan has always strived towards developing Rajasthan as the digital leader of the country. Towards this goal, the Government initiated project CM Helpline 181 in 2015.  This project aims towards creating citizen-centric governance in the state and in order to achieve the goal, the government found it important that any grievances which are being faced by the citizens should be resolved on priority.

With the help of Department of IT & C, Government of Rajasthan initiated CM Helpline 181 which has helped the citizens considerably in reaching out to the government for any minor or major issues which need to be resolved by state government departments.

The project CM Helpline 181 assists the citizens in reaching various government departments for all their queries and issues without actually visiting the government offices.


As the name of the project suggests, CM Helpline 181 provides features like:

  • CM Helpline 181 is an online portal which helps the state citizens to lodge grievances against any of the departments associated with Government of Rajasthan.
  • Not only via the online portal, Citizens can lodge their grievances by calling in the dedicated call centres, via mobile app or by visiting the CM Helpline 181 Center directly.
  • Even if the person is not a permanent resident of the state, he/she is still eligible to lodge the grievance if he/she has faced any issue in any of the departments of Government of Rajasthan.
  • There is no fee associated with lodging a grievance/complaint via CM Helpline 181.

Government of Rajasthan has always intended to deliver the best possible services to the public which includes transparency, grievance redressal, communication and robust delivery system and via CM Helpline 181, it has been able to achieve its objective quite comprehensively.


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