7 Easy Steps to Download Rajasthan Sampark Mobile App

sampark blog app 2To provide good governance, the Government of Rajasthan launched an integrated platform for grievance redressal – Rajasthan Sampark. Rajasthan is the first and only state in India to have one centralized grievance redressal mechanism for all.

Rajasthan Sampark is an innovative e-Governance project implemented by the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan. The project paves the way for a common man to reach the departments of the State Government for their queries and concerns, with the help of CM Helpline 181, web portal, Mobile Application, Rajasthan Sampark IT Kendras etc.

Nowadays, mobile phone is the easiest way to access any services. The Government of Rajasthan understands the usability of the phone thus launched Rajasthan Sampark Mobile App for the timely redressal of grievances.

How to install Rajasthan Sampark Mobile App:

  1. Visit at Google Play Store:


2. Search Rajasthan Sampark App:


3. Click install button:



4. Install the Rajasthan Sampark App:




5. Click on the “Open”:


6. You will redirect to the App:


7. Now you can use the app: Lodge Grievance, View Grievance Status, Send Reminder, Feedback Suggestion:



With the help of Rajasthan Sampark Mobile App you can connect directly to the government for your problems and can get easy and quick solutions

Over the years, this solution-provider has left marks of various achievements. 16 lacs cases have been resolved through Rajasthan Sampark.

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